Our Eco-schools Green Flag journey

Reinforcing our commitment to promoting environmental awareness and responsibility among our pupils, we’ve started the next Eco-schools Green Flag cycle, taking us through this year and next to June 2023.

Following a very positive response from the pupils, FHS’s Eco Committee now has seven members. Here’s what two of them had to say about their involvement:

I wanted to take part to try and make the school environment better, and to do our bit to make the world more liveable for future generations” (Archie)

The eco initiative is a good way to educate us on sustainable living and to encourage young people to do their bit to make the world a better place. I am excited to try and achieve the targets on our action plan” (Connor)

The Green Team undertook an environmental review of the school and surroundings. Then, after much deliberation and well-thought-out arguments, they identified Litter, Biodiversity and Transport as their three chosen topics, and Life on Land as their Special Development Goal. They drafted an action plan and sent off an application to the Eco Schools Team. After receiving glowing feedback (see below), they are moving on to the next phase of their Eco Journey with a spring in their steps.

“Thanks Falkland House School for submitting your Eco-Schools draft Action Plan for approval. It is fantastic to hear from you so early in this new journey and to see you on your way to your 4th Green Flag Award! It is lovely to hear that nearly a third of you wanted to be part of the Green Team for this Eco-Schools journey, and that you have a fantastic representation of each class, category and house. You seemed to have done a fabulous job with your Environmental Review and it is very inspiring to see how the discussion of your findings led to very interesting conversations. I really liked how these didn’t just include what you have done well, areas of improvement, your dreams and ambitions, but also included your limitations. This is key in making sure that any goals that you set for yourselves can be achievable and help you move forward. You have identified an excellent range of actions across your topics, with relevant and clear aims and good links both to your chosen SDG of Life on Land and to your community. Your planned measuring and monitoring of your actions are also in the right track, as they are designed to collate information that will enable you to evaluate if your actions helped towards achieving your aims or not, and that is exactly what we hope to see. Your plans for electric vehicles for the school seem extremely inspiring and I really hope you succeed in this. As you say, any improvement that we make towards lowering our carbon footprint is of vital importance. I really hope that the Green Team and all pupils see this experience as an opportunity for learning about the positive aspects of switching to electric vehicles and the impacts of fossil fuels. We will be eager to hear what happens! Best wishes with these and all the other exciting actions that you have planned.”