Scary Times! Short story competition

As part of our Literacy across Learning initiative, the school ran a Short Story Competition in the first two terms, open to all pupils.  The rules were simple; write a scary story, full of suspense in less than 300 words. The deadline was appropriately the 31st October.  This captured the imagination of the boys, with most entering the competition.

The stories themselves ranged from the truly macabre and gory to strange and otherworldly!  Each entry was judged according to age and stage.  The winning entry was by Lewis (see below). He put a lot of effort into his story and he stuck to the brief admirably. Lewis has won a substantial prize, to be discussed with Mr Morrison.


“RUN!” she screamed. As my good friend’s voice ricocheted through the forest, I looked over my shoulder only to see a mangled, contorted humanoid figure chasing its prey, my only assumption was that we were its Prey.

I woke up with a startle, the familiar powerless feeling overtook me. I got up slowly only to suddenly collapse to the ground.

 “W-why am I so scared?”

 I looked down at my clammy, shaking hands, feeling even more helpless than before, I quickly clenched my hands into a fist to ease the shaking, only after five minutes did I finally regain my composure thus the shaking stopped.

I carefully stood up from my collapsed position and made my way to the kitchen, where I was greeted with the unruly sight of dishes being left uncleaned. To top it off was the fowl stench exuding from the bin.

 “My life is truly falling apart” I sighed and hastily made my way towards the fridge, where I bent down and opened it. But what I saw made me horrified. There was a vast array of body parts along with blood splattered across the walls of the fridge, making out the words “found you”.

I was scared senseless at this point. I started frantically looking around my kitchen for any sign of the individual that had done this. My eyes finally landed on this shaded spot in the corner of my kitchen.  I swear I saw the silhouette of something, squinting my eyes to try and get a closer look, I was shocked to see the same mangled monster lurching closer. I merely collapsed to the ground while my throat dried up while there was a sudden sensation of a cold hand firmly grasping my neck as a snapping echo resonated through the kitchen. 

 By Lewis Y.