Working together to build a stronger community

Two officers from Police Scotland have been working closely with Falkland House School this term as part of an initiative to help young people build and sustain strong working relationships with the Community Police.

During their visits to the school, the officers talked to the pupils about a range of topics, including how to stay safe online and the dangers and consequences of drug use. They also made time to get to know the boys better over lunch and enjoyed a few games of table tennis, pool and basketball with them.

The project is designed to increase positive perceptions of police engagement in the community and foster feelings of confidence in them. One of the aims is to increase the likelihood that young people would seek help from the police in the future.

PCs Stuart Bruce and Graeme Whittaker said:

A big part of our role is to promote continuous engagement with schools in our area, and we have delivered four talks on Internet Safety and Drugs and Psychoactive Substances aimed at keeping people safe.  We want to build relationships and trust with pupils in the school and we have many other activities planned moving forward.  We have been made extremely welcome by everyone at Falkland House School and continue to be impressed by the levels of commitment by staff to ensure that the environment and opportunities for pupils is second to none.”

The boys have reported enjoying the programme, and appreciated the opportunity to interact with the police in the classroom and in a more informal setting. We asked them for feedback on the presentations. Here are some of their comments:

“It was really good and has given me skills for life.”
“I learned that peer pressure has a lot to do with getting into bother.”
“The officers were very kind and helpful.”
“I learned that it is so easy to be a victim.”
“It was fun, and if I could I would do it again.”