Q&A with Bradley, Head Boy

Towards the end of last year, a job description for Head Boy was circulated among senior pupils. Aspiring candidates were asked to submit an application giving reasons as to why they thought they would be ideal for the role.

In December, after an interview in front of the Principal and the Head of Education, Bradley was appointed Falkland House School’s first Head Boy. Bradley has been a pupil at the school for four years. He is part of the school’s Peer Support Group, which offers support and guidance to fellow pupils, and a member of the school’s Ground Care team. He also carries out voluntary work at Falkland Palace.

We asked Bradley how he was approaching his new responsibilities:

What subjects are you currently studying?

B: Higher Maths, Digital Music, Nat 5 English and Biology

What would you like to do when you leave FHS?

B: Games Development

What are your personal strengths?

B: Logical thinker and technologically minded, encouraging, inclusive and welcoming

Why did you want to be Head Boy?

B: I want to inspire other boys to become better. I noticed that the school had minor issues that I could hopefully fix. 

What does your role involve?

B: Being a positive role model

What challenges do you think you might have?

B: Potential misunderstanding and bullying

What would be your advice to new pupils starting at FHS?

B: Have tolerance, understand big deal/little deal, approach someone if in trouble or if you just fancy a chat

What is your biggest achievement at FHS?

B: Hopefully I’ll be the first pupil at the school to get Higher Maths

Good luck in your new role, Bradley!