New initiatives & developments at FHS

This year has seen some brand new projects get underway at FHS, offering exciting opportunities for our pupils.

Firstly, we’ve introduced the National 5 SQA Award in Leadership, which enables participants to build self-confidence and self-esteem while developing leadership skills.

Four boys are presenting for the qualification this year, which is being delivered through our Outdoor Learning programme. After an introductory theoretical unit, they’ll put their learning into practice and organise a multi-day outdoor activity event in May for the younger pupils, where they’ll be responsible for organisation, risk assessment and bookings as well as leading some of the activities.

The second exciting new project we’re delighted to tell you about regards the development of an FHS enterprise initiative. We’re creating a small business within the school, which will involve the boys producing oils and dressings. They’ll be responsible for branding, production and packaging, and will build a website for online sales. They’ll work in partnership with the estate, and some of the shops in the village will sell the produce. The project will be a real work experience for them and they’ll take a range of valuable employability skills with them when they leave school.

Moreover, in the longer term we’ll be introducing National 4 and 5 Business awards to run alongside and enhance this learning opportunity.

Finally, there’s one more project we’re excited about, which we’ll be making a more formal announcement about in the new year. In recent months, we’ve been working on a growth project. Our Principal, Mr Graham, will invite all our current families and parents to a Teams meeting in the new year, when he’ll fully introduce the project and explain in greater detail. In the meantime, we want to reassure you that this will not change our current provision but will offer greater options for all of our children and young people in the coming years.