Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Many of the skills the pupils are developing during our Outdoor Learning sessions are helping them prepare for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programme that will start in early 2021.

The DofE programme is about personal challenge and development, and can be adapted to each participant’s interests and abilities.

There are currently 12 boys signed up for the challenge. Eight will work towards the Bronze Award and four are aiming to achieve the Silver Award, which includes a two-night expedition.

The boys have explored their activities, skills and volunteering options, and have come up with a long and varied list. In the coming months they’ll be developing their chess, driving, piano, coding, animal care and electronic music/composition skills, to name just a few.

For the Physical section they’ll be seeking to improve their fitness and achieve a healthy lifestyle by hiking, bowling, cycling, skiing, kayaking, weight training and playing basketball. Their volunteering efforts will include dog walking, conservation/tree planting, and helping out in local shops and cafes.

Confidence, independence, resilience, focus and motivation are just a few of the many benefits the boys will gain by participating in the programme.

With the support of staff at FHS, we’re sure they’ll accomplish everything they set out to do.