Care & Support

Falkland House School has a well-established reputation for excellence in the Care and Support of its pupils, delivering positive educational and socially inclusive outcomes. Keyworkers and Class Teachers are highly experienced and professional and there is a strong emphasis on and commitment to their continued training and development.


When a pupil enrols at the school he has a dedicated Keyworker allocated to him.  The primary role of the Keyworker is to ensure that pupils are fully supported in all aspects of their lives. Keyworkers are fully involved in the Care Planning process for individual pupils, working closely and co-operatively with parents and professionals to ensure that the health, welfare and safety needs of each pupil are fully met.

Positive Behaviour Policy

Falkland House School has a 'Positive Behaviour' policy. There are a number of positive behaviour schemes in the school for both the classroom and unit settings which are coordinated by the pupils' Keyworkers and Key Teachers. Underpinning all behaviour schemes are the principles of Self-Regulation. All staff are trained in the use of Self-Regulation models which ensure a consistent approach to behaviour support, allowing pupils to understand the effects of their behaviour and to encourage, at all times, positive and constructive behaviours.

Peer Mediation and Support

Peer mediation and support provides pupils with the opportunity to develop skills in mediation, conflict resolution and restorative practices. Peer support offers pupils the opportunity of finding new ways to communicate and empathise. Sharing experiences and learning from others provides a positive school experience.

The latest Education Scotland and Care Inspectorate report stated that the key strengths of the school were:

  • Warm, nurturing relationships across care and education
  • Children’s and young people’s attainment and achievement
  • Support for children and young people to re engage successfully with their learning
  • Opportunities for children and young people to develop skills for life, learning and work