Bikeability – promoting good physical and mental health

The school has faced a number of challenges with regards to promoting good physical and mental health since lockdown started in March. However, our care and education staff have, as always, gone above and beyond to ensure all the pupils in school have been kept safe, healthy and active in these unprecedented times.

Long hikes on the estate, ninja squirrels, gardening, overnight camping in the school grounds and scrumptious barbecues are just a few of the activities they’ve enjoyed over the last few months.

What’s more, our pupils have been swept along on the wave of enthusiasm for cycling that has been felt across the nation recently. Fortunately, FHS is well prepared to accommodate cyclists of all abilities.

Through the school’s Bikeability programme, Bradley and Kieran have recently learned to ride a bike. Mr. Shaw, their instructor, has praised both boys for their great tenacity. They’ve now joined the beginner’s cycling group and can explore the Red Squirrel trails on the Falkland Estate and beyond.

Darren, Ross, Callum, Harris, Robbie, Oscar and Thomas have also discovered cycling to be a great way to get regular, daily exercise and, with growing fitness and confidence, they’re now exploring areas slightly further afield.

Mr Shaw feels Cormac deserves special mention for his incredible aptitude for cycling. Cormac likes to cycle as far as possible and as hard as possible – putting staff’s fitness and endurance to the test on occasion! Nevertheless, the staff at Falkland House School have run with Cormac’s new passion, and to help him go further and faster, he has been given access to a Road Bike. Cormac has had to get used to clipless pedals, the turbo trainer and indoor rollers to help him achieve his first 100 miles. Throughout the summer programme, Cormac will be introduced to the more advanced levels of Bikeability, bicycle maintenance and, if all goes well, the Audax.

With so many health benefits, we hope the boys will continue to enjoy cycling for a long time to come.