Beyond the Classroom

Falkland House School offers a wide range of Extra-Curricular activities as part of the 24-hour curriculum. While our pupils thoroughly enjoy the activities, these are underpinned by the knowledge that they enhance the opportunity for social interaction, achievement and mental wellbeing.

The Extra-Curricular programme promotes pupils’ personal and social development. It builds independence, cooperation with others and raises self-esteem, as well as improving the physical and emotional health of all pupils.

As well as using the excellent resources, both within the school building and the grounds of Falkland Estate, pupils use a variety of resources around Fife and their home area through the school's Outreach Programme.

Outreach Programme

The Outreach Programme promotes the links between home and school that are key to successful special behavioural needs education. It operates during weekends and school holidays, and gives pupils the opportunity to participate in the recreational and educational activities of their choice, in the area and community where they live.
Members of the Care Team plan and organise activities with individual pupils and feedback in the form of questionnaires is sought from pupils and parents/carers on an ongoing basis. Without exception all pupils and parents express very positive views about the value of the Outreach Programme. Outreach supports all pupils and their families but can also offer additional support during periods of stress or crisis.

Pupils’ Council

The Pupils’ Council at Falkland House School consists of pupils who have been elected by their peers, combined with senior members of staff.  Pupils participate in a decision-making forum that sees them take responsibility for representing others, giving them the opportunity to participate in school projects and developments.
They benefit from being listened to and feeling valued, and are supported and encouraged to express their views and opinions. The Council provides the opportunity for very positive pupil-staff communication, and staff benefit from developing a greater understanding of the issues affecting pupils.