Good Citizen Award 2019

Well done to Jamie, the winner of this year’s ‘Good Citizen Award’. North East Fife PCs Euan and Phil presented Jamie with the trophy during our Celebrating Success ceremony.

Jamie joined Falkland House School fairly recently. In this short time, he has impressed staff and pupils alike with his good nature, his courteous manner and his affability, not to mention his enormous enthusiasm and determination to do well.

Here is an excerpt from Mr Storrie’s speech explaining some of the reasons behind the decision to give the award to Jamie this year.

It is not just in the classroom that Jamie has distinguished himself. He takes this award because he has also demonstrated his capabilities to magnificent effect in the community. As a Duke of Edinburgh Award student, Jamie built up a portfolio of voluntary work experience at a local café in Aberdeen, taking orders, waiting on tables and performing general customer service. He very quickly achieved his Bronze Award and latterly has just completed his Silver. Typical of the man, and with characteristic haste, he is keen to push on and complete Gold and, with this in mind, he has been volunteering with the grounds maintenance at Falkland Palace.   

He is a fiercely competitive sportsman, as one or two staff members have found to their cost. Jamie is an excellent footballer and I particularly like the way he gives free reign on the field of play to his steely determination to score goals and win, taking the knocks and holding his own in fairly robust company, always playing fair and with a generous spirit and proving that being a nice guy does not necessarily mean being a pushover.

For me, it has been an absolute delight to welcome Jamie into our school. I have not been impressed merely by his outrageous work ethic but also by the good grace and humour he brings to everything he does. I am acutely aware that Jamie commands a particular presence in our school as a quiet and unassuming leader, a figure who by virtue of his endeavour and attitude provides a magnificent role model for our younger boys to follow.

Jamie, I cannot think of a more deserving recipient for this Award. In the short time you have been with us, you have won friends and won the respect of all the staff. It has been a great six months or so, Jamie, and you have proved yourself to be not only a credit to the school but to the values you reflect from your family and friends. It is my enormous pleasure to invite you to come up now and receive your award.”