Falkland House School good practice recognised in joint inspection

Falkland House School has been recognised by inspectors for its continuing good practice in the first of a new joint Education Scotland and Care Inspectorate inspection report published Tuesday 8th September.

The report, produced by both the Care Inspectorate and Education Scotland is in the new ‘increased expectations’ format, designed to identify the particular strengths of the school and assess their performance against a national standard. It lists the key strengths of Falkland House as:
• Warm, nurturing relationships across care and education
• Children’s and young people’s attainment and achievement
• Support for children and young people to re engage successfully with their learning
• Opportunities for children and young people to develop skills for life, learning and work

The report states ‘Falkland House has an impressive record of assisting children and young people to improve their wellbeing. As a result, almost all pupils are making very good progress with their social and emotional development. In many cases, their conduct and wellbeing has been transformed. Children, young people, parents and partner agencies report outstanding progress in this area. Children and young people are achieving very well through a significant number of practical, vocational and sporting opportunities which build confidence and develop skills in communication, team work and social engagement.’
It also praises the school for introducing initiatives aimed at building skills in employability, leadership and enterprise such as their ongoing cabin project and Falkland Contract Services company.

Falkland House School Director, Stuart Jacob said “We are obviously delighted to have done so well in our first joint inspection of this kind and welcome the feedback we’ve received from Education Scotland and the Care Inspectorate. It’s great to see the hard work and dedication of all the staff recognised and know that we’re performing well against national standards.

“We’re continually striving to improve what we do and promote excellence in learning and attainment and this report is a good indication that we are meeting our targets. “

The school was one of the first independent schools in Scotland to receive accreditation by the Autism Society, and it prides itself on the standard of care it provides for pupils and their families.

Additional inspection evidence, including details of the quality indicator evaluations, can be found on the Education Scotland website at: http://www.educationscotland.gov.uk/inspectionandreview/reports/school/primsec/FalklandHouseSchoolFife.asp.